How do I change a bag-in-box (BIB)? Watch this step-by-step video.

How do I change CO2 or Beer Gas Tank? Watch this step-by-step video.

How do I know if the Co2 is empty? Co2 pressure goes up to 800-1000 PSI at room temperature (lower when it's cold and higher when it's hot) and pretty much stays there and will drop once it's empty.

How do I know if the Beer Gas is empty? Beer gas pressure goes up to 1800-2000 PSI and will slowly drop as it empties. Beer gas is the same weight empty or full. 

How do I maintain my pop gun? Leave the pop gun in a pitcher of warm water once a week to soak. Twist off the black nozzle and clean around the end. Wipe down the gun and hose to keep it moving smoothly so it doesn't get gunked up with syrup.

We've been closed how do I get my pop system back up? After an extended closure you can flush the lines by holding down all the buttons on the pop gun and letting it run down the sink for 60 seconds. Soak and wipe down the pop gun as outlined above to remove any dried on syrup. Most of your pop will be fine as concentrate has a long shelf life. Taste the diets and juices to see if they need to be replaced. OJ and Caesar after sitting more than a few months should be replaced. 

I'm putting in a new system, what is a backflow preventer? A backflow preventer and a 90* shut-off valve is required for your pop system so that if something goes wrong you can shut off the water to the pop system. A plumber can install it easily before your pop system is installed.



One kind of pop/juice is not coming out. Check if the pop/juice bag-in-box is empty and needs replacing. If not then there may have been an empty bag left on that burnt out the pump and the end or pump may need to be replaced.

No pop or juice is coming out. A pop system needs 3 things; electricity, co2 and water. Check that the carbonator is plugged in, that the Co2 is full, and that the water hasn't been turned off. If none of those things work the carbonator may need to be replaced. 

The pump is banging and won't stop. This happens when an empty BIB has been left on too long while the pop gun is being used and the pump has broken. This will drain your Co2 so it's important to disconnect the pump. Watch this video on how to disconnect one pump and then call Soda Centre to replace the pump. 

Suspect a leak? Check for an open beer coupler, empty BIB, or damage to the pop lines. A spray bottle of soapy water over lines and connections will quickly identify a leak. Turn the co2 off over night if there is a leak.