Does the syrup work with my SodaStream? YES! You only carbonate water and add the syrup afterwards.

How much will I get out of a jug? Pop is 5:1 mix ratio but you can adjust to your own preference and get more out of it. A 4L jug will make approximately 68-72+ cans of pop depending how you drink it or approximately 24L+. That's at the manufacturer recommended ratio, but you can control how much you use and the colder and more carbonated your water the less syrup you'll need. 

How much syrup do I use?  For 5:1 ratio start with about 150ml and adjust up/down from there, or about 4-5 pumps in our new large pumps (10 pumps with the old small pumps). The colder and more carbonated your water is the less syrup you'll use. Juices can vary and have a ratio listed under each flavour. At the end of the day it's based on your personal preference, experiment with how many pumps works for you.

Why am I using more syrup than the Sodastream syrup? Our name brand and private label syrups are premium quality straight from the factory at 5:1 ratio for the best flavour. SodaStream syrup has been overly concentrated at around 17:1 which is why the flavour isn't the best quality.

Do I need a pump? No, but it definitely makes it easier to measure and cleaner to pour. Let's just say you might regret not having one the first time you make a mess, but you'll never regret getting one or two.

Do you have other diet or caffeine free flavours? Unfortunately, our suppliers do not sell a lot of diet and caffeine free flavours in concentrate at this time. You can see our full list of diet/sugar-free or caffeine-free. We are in the process of developing our own diet flavours. 

Do I need to refrigerate the syrup? No, only the orange juice needs to stay in the fridge.

How long does the syrup last? Since concentrate is very stable and can easily last a year, only the juices should be used within around 9 months.

Do you deliver syrup? We don't personally deliver it but we ship it all across Canada! Just add it to your cart and you'll get a shipping estimate when checking out.

Do your products contain aspartame? Although Coke products do contain aspartame, John was ahead of the curve and 30 years ago insisted on not using it. Jilly-Pop and Jilly-Juice Products do not contain aspartame.

Where is your product made? Jilly-Pop and Jilly-Juice are proudly Made in Canada! Coke and Pepsi are the Canadian flavours and made in their local factory. 

Eco-friendly. Concentrate syrup allows you to cut down on cans and bottles. We reuse packaging material as much as possible. For example we use tape roles to secure any gaps in part boxes so your syrup gets there intact.