Co2 Tank 5lb

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We sell larger CO2 tanks for your home and bar needs. 5lbs are a great back up size for a home draft system with the 20lb being the best size and pressure to run the system. 

Price includes cylinder, Co2 and Hydro Static Test.

SIZE          TANK        REFILL      HydroTest  TOTAL
5LB           $99            +$30        +$35          =$164 + tax
10LB         $149         +$40         +$35          =$224 + tax
20LB         $189         +$50         +$35          =$274 + tax

Hydrostatic Test is good for 5 years

Please note that cylinders with a diameter larger than 3 inches (typically 1.5lb+) are required by the government to have a Hydro Static Test every 5 years. New new customers will need to be set up with the hydro static test fee on their first visit to make tracking and exchanges go smoothly.

*We do not fill cylinders on the spot, we only work on a cylinder refill exchange program.

Cylinders are non-refundable