Festa Brew- Strong Ale 23L Wort Beer Kit

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In between kits & scratch? Festa Brew Wort is the answer when there's not enough time for scratch but your past the kit stage. The Festa Brew kits are exceptionally high quality, and if fermented correctly, will taste better than nearly any extract kit out there (some even say better than all grain brews)!

NEW winter seasonal wort kit is the Strong Ale. This Ale is a full-flavoured ale that challenges and rewards the palate with full malty and hoppy flavours and substantial bitterness. The flavours are bold but complementary and are stronger and richer than the average-strength pale and amber ales. The appearance is a medium amber to deep copper or light brown. Moderate-low to medium-sized off-white to light tan head; may have low head retention. Good clarity. Alcohol level and viscosity may present “legs” when glass is swirled.

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